Montag, 25. April 2011

eFaps Releases

Well, it has been a while since the last post, but we have been busy. So we are now on release 1.14.0. The last release brougth the usual bug fixes and a much more flexible NumberGenerator. But the NumberGenerator format definitions must be updated because the NumberGenerator does not use any more the DecimalFormater but the java.util.Formatter.

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

eFaps Release 1.10.0

This release bring as the main feature the new editable StructurBrowser for the Webapp that opens a whole new amount of possibilities to use the FrameWork to create and edit Objects.

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

eFaps Release 1.9.0

The team announces the newest release 1.9.0 of Kernel and WebApp. Included are now the new "Picker" and that tables are now fully editable

Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

eFaps Release 1.8.0

Well, we totally forget to announce that Version 1.8.0 was released the last week.

Montag, 8. November 2010

eFaps Release 1.7.0

This release only brings changes to the WebApp UserInterface. It now has back button that can be configured using SystemConfiguration and the current filter for a table is reused during a session.

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

eFaps Release 1.6.0

The team announces the newest release 1.6.0 of Kernel and WebApp. This release does bring that the deprecated expression attribute for fields is now removed form kernel and webapp. Further on the rendering of links to treemenues is now checked explicitly.

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

eFaps Eclipse Plugin Reactivated

The eclipse plugin for eFaps is reactivated and released in Version 0.2.0. The main aim for the plugin is now using the REST API of eFaps to commit updates, compile etc.